Forge your path through your Life and Career

We don’t just want to be existing in this world, we want to be living. We want to be taking chances and making things happen for ourselves instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen. Take control of your own life. Whether it’s in work at home, you need to try something new. If you don’t have that promotion you wanted or an apartment on that street you drive down every day, think about what you could be doing to make these things happen for yourself.


In order to succeed at work and life, you need to take chances, go outside your comfort zone. If you want your voice to be heard you need to make changes and try something new. If what you have been doing isn’t working, do something different. Suggest ideas, don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. You need to make things happen for yourself. Get that promotion by being proactive. Don’t wait for projects to be given to you, go out and find them for yourself.

Networking is a large part of the business sphere. You need to make yourself known by getting outside the boardroom. In order to achieve success for yourself and your company, you need to turn potential clients into clients. Think about the different ways that you create business events that are going to put you and your company on the map. Create opportunities for yourself. There are companies who are great at helping to plan business events to get you the recognition from your boss and clients. They help you network and increase business development between you, clients and potential clients. How can your boss say no to a promotion now?

If you’re happy with your success thus far, maybe you just need a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Perhaps your employees or coworkers need some motivation as well. There are numerous CEOs, business individuals, athletes, actors and coaches that have made a living off of motivational speaking. If you or your coworkers need some inspiration, a guest speaker is a great way to boost morale.


To improve your life, you need to improve your home. If you come home to a cluttered mess, your mind is going to be cluttered. You won’t be able to reach your full potential in any aspect of your life if your mind is not in the right place. You can’t be thinking about the millions of things wrong with you home if you’re going to succeed and focus on your career. You need to take care of those little renovations so that you and put your mind to rest. Think about the small renovations that can make a big difference on other areas of your room. Small changes like the colour of your room can really change your mood. Especially, since your room is suppose to be your sanctuary.

Think about brightening up your home and letting some fresh air in with eco-friendly windows and doors. You’ll be doing your part for the environment while improving your home. It also will save you a ton of money on your hydro bill. A little extra shopping money never hurt anyone!

If you’ve just outgrown your space, a change of scenery is never a bad idea. If you’re lucky enough that moving is an option for you, take advantage of that. Move into that building or home you’ve been in love with for months. A change of scenery might be just what you need in order to push yourself into life. Be a responsible mover and pick a company with great customer service and affordable prices.

Being responsible is about taking care of all the little things that are going on around you. Walking your dog, eating right, and – the one I personally always forget – keeping up on your car maintenance. Just because it’s not barking or chewing on your pant leg doesn’t mean it doesn’t need your attention. Your car is your life line and we’ve got some great DIY car maintenance tips.

If you just need that extra kick in the butt in the mornings, there’s a simple solution to your problems. Get some caffeine in your system and quick!

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