This is our FOOD.for thought.for the lover your.PASSION.

Your world is made up of food, life and passion. We want you to live the fullest life possible.

We are dedicated to inspiring and motivating our readers. Motivate you to expand your horizon and take action. We know you’re talented, it’s time you recognize the greatness within yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Finish what you start! Make long term goals. Remind yourself of what your end game is. Set a goal and constantly tell yourself what the hard work is for.

Great food is the excuse we all need to take the time out of our day to reconnect with friends and family. Handshakes don’t make friends, food and laughter make friends. Great food and service can make the difference between your worst day and your best. Our food section is to help you make the best choices for you. If you’re going to have your mind right you need to have your diet right. At the same time, we would never suggest that you can’t indulge in a little take out or dinners out with friends. Eating out is as much a social thing as it is for fueling your body.

FLP is about taking advantage of every possibility that presents itself to you, even the ones that aren’t as obvious to see. We want to help you motivate yourself in life. Self motivation is the key in life to achieving every and all goals you have set for yourself. If you haven’t set goals, it’s time to start thinking about it! FLP wants you to be confident, goal orientated and focused. Think of us as the kick in the butt to jump start your life! In life we need to make ourselves happy. At times we forget to do this and put everyone else before us. We want to encourage our readers to put their happiness first. How can you make anyone in your life happy if you aren’t doing everything you can to make yourself happy? You don’t want to look back with regrets. It’s important to put yourself first. Take the time to do the things that make you happy. If you’re unhappy with the direction your career is headed, say something. You’ll never get anything done sitting back and letting the life pass you by.

Making improvements in your home and work life is important. You need to step out of your comfort if you have any chance at succeeding. To keep yourself motivated in life, you need to have passions. In order to achieve all the amazing goals you should be setting for yourself, you need to make sure that your focus is 100% on those goals and the tasks that are required to achieve them. This is not plausible if you are worried about a million other things. Make sure your home is your sanctuary. We’ve got some great DIY tips for the home. Make your home your sanctuary. Make your home a relaxing place where you can go and no negative energy can touch you.

Of course, life isn’t just about hard work and setting goals. It’s about what keeps you motivated, your passions. If you want to keep life exciting and you want to be motivated, you need to have a passion. No matter the challenge or how hard it is, if you have passions about something, you’ll do anything to keep that passion alive. If something brings you joy, you keep it in your life. We all have passions and it’s important to pursue your passions if you’re ever going to get through this crazy thing called life. Passion is good for the soul and it’s important that we nurture our soul in every possible way. Find what brings you joy and hold onto it. If you’re not sure what your passions are then explore what is out there. Travel , learn, grow.

This is our Food.for thought.for the lover your.Passion.

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