Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Career

In order to succeed at work and life, you need to take chances. It’s important to go outside your comfort zone. If you want your voice to be heard you need to make changes and try something new. If what you have been doing isn’t working, do something different. Suggest ideas, don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. You need to make things happen for yourself. Get that promotion by being proactive. Don’t wait for projects to be given to you, go out and find them for yourself.

Think about what kind of worker you are. If you care enough to read an article about getting ahead at work, hopefully you’re not the slacker. Are you someone who stands out at your work? Are you already getting the promotions and the benefits? If so, that’s great – keep up the great work! If you’re not getting the promotions and the benefits, have you really stopped and thought about what you’re doing wrong?

Most of the time, the person who is not moving up the ladder, but at least shows up to work, is not doing enough. You can ‘t expect to get noticed and get promotions if you are just doing the bare minimum when you come into work. There are hundreds of other people that can do the bare minimum. They are the ones sitting next to you in the lunch room. The people who go above and beyond what is required are the ones out for lunch with the CEO.

Taking initiative is really important. What can I say about getting a head at work. You need to make sure that you are being noticed. It might not pay off right away but you need to put in extra time. You might not be noticed right away. This can be discouraging but you need to keep up the hard work in order to reap the benefits later on. Everyone has to start at the bottom. You can’t expect to be on top, especially if you haven’t worked somewhere for very long.

Networking is a large part of the business sphere. You need to make yourself known by getting outside the boardroom. In order to achieve success for yourself and your company, you need to turn potential clients into clients. Think about the different ways that you create business events that are going to put you and your company on the map. Create opportunities for yourself. There are companies who are great at helping to plan business events to get you the recognition from your boss and clients. They help you network and increase business development between you, clients and potential clients. How can your boss say no to a promotion now?

If you’re happy with your success thus far, maybe you just need a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Perhaps your employees or coworkers need some motivation as well. There are numerous CEOs, business individuals, athletes, actors and coaches that have made a living off of motivational speaking. If you or your coworkers need some inspiration, a guest speaker is a great way to boost morale.