Feng Shui Your Life!

Feng shui describes an ancient philosophy of comprehending the surrounding energy. It involves using positive energy, or chi, to enhance your success and good fortune. Feng shui is founded on a philosophy that has strong roots in Chinese history, ancient culture, and spirituality. Although this practice is ancient, it has gained extensive usage in today’s cultures. Psychologists have also frequently recommended it due to the associated benefits such as organization and relaxation. This philosophy calls on you to tune into yourself and your environment, which includes exterior and interior space. Feng shui, or interior design in Chinese, denotes an ancient science that seeks to harmonize life force energies in nature.

According to feng shui, altering object placement in your environments can result in the alteration of your destiny. Therefore, the positioning of objects in your work and home environments can have extensive implications on your health, interior design, relationships, finances, and career. Furthermore, practicing feng shui ensures beneficial and positive influences in every environment. According to feng shui philosophy, the earth has a life force that flows around and through every object, person, and space. How that life force is used then determines how it affects your life, happiness, prosperity among other areas of your life.

Experience Harmony

This ancient philosophy also examines how life force flows through a building or room. Feng shui emphasizes life aspects such as knowledge, career, and family that the Chinese philosophy believes are necessary to live in harmony with the universe and nature. Feng shui plays a vital role in the construction industry because it promotes appropriate alignment to the environmental forces in a building and uses resources such as architecture and interior design to re-balance, harmonize, and develop the best conditions for everyone in a unique manner. The study of this philosophy also involves determining the architectural layout and interior design within a building.

Therefore, feng shui seeks to synchronize an environment’s life force via the use of interior design, arrangement, and architecture, with the goal of harnessing these improved energies to permit favorable flow around us and increase our good fortune. Practicing feng shui has benefited my life in numerous aspects ranging from my home to my emotions. I have also applied the principles of the ancient philosophy by integrating feng shui into my home.

Benefits of Feng Shui

This ancient practice has benefited my life in several ways. I have boosted my energy level by applying certain principles. According to this philosophy, our energy level may have a direct correlation to our own space. As a result, I decided to de-clutter, which proved a monumental task. Although the task took a couple of weeks, the process was beneficial, resulting in the development of relaxation and peace. Clutter can result in heightened stress levels. Therefore, de-cluttering is essential to ensuring balance in your home. I have also rearranged my furniture by moving them away from walls, enhancing airflow. Additionally, I am maximizing on my windows to ensure natural light, which brings tremendous energy.

Another addition to my home includes indoor plants, which produce positive energy. This practice has also helped me become mindful, especially of little things. Prior to introducing this practice in my life, I had a tendency of focusing on major life events while ignoring the minor ones such as home arrangement. With feng shui, I came to the realization that minor life aspects tend to accumulate, resulting in a stressful environment when ignored. Enthusiasts of this ancient practice also get a different perspective on things, thereby inviting changes and enrichment.

Feng Shui to the Home

I usually apply feng shui to my home by integrating the elements of this practice into interior design. Making interior design changes involves making deliberate colour combinations as well as examining the arrangement and placement of accessories and furnishings. Other changes involve exploiting functional space in the home. Taking advantage of functional space helps create an atmosphere of relaxation while allowing room for creativity.

It is beneficial to feng shui my home because it can make a considerable difference in the energy of my room. Nevertheless, I try to ensure my interior design balances the fundamental principles of the ancient practice with contemporary tastes. Depending on the improvements that I need to do, I have occasionally hired an interior designer. Other times, I have hired professional painters. At times, it is advisable to employ the services of professional house painters to ensure high quality outcome. Professional house painters also save time besides offering expert advice.

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